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Celestron 9×50 Finderscope Straight -

Posted by francesxcanora in September 29, 2010

Celestron 9×50 Finderscope Straight – Celestron: A high quality, economical 9×50 finderscope with fully coated lenses and a 5.8° field of view. Finderscopes are secondary scopes, used to help locate objects in the main telescope. The larger the finderscope, the more you’ll see, to an upper limit of 50mm. Units larger than 50mm have too narrow a field of view to be useful. Finderscopes mount onto the main telescope tube and are an invaluable tool in locating objects for viewing.
Celestron 9×50 Finderscope Straight -

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Carl Zeiss Optical Inc Lens Spray Cleaner (3-Ounce Bottle)

Posted by francesxcanora in September 28, 2010

Carl Zeiss Optical Inc Lens Spray Cleaner (3-Ounce Bottle) The product works much better than other brands I have tried. Don’t let the other lower reviews fool you. They are either because people thought they were buying more for the price or because people were unhappy with the price. If they are unhappy with the price then they should buy it somewhere else. That is the nature of an open/free market. When I read a review, I want to know whether the product works or not, whether the product is reliable or not. I want a PRODUCT review. I do my own research into prices (try PriceTrace or CamelCamelCamel to get price histories before you buy).

Having said that, this product works very well. It sprays evenly. It cleans without damaging the lens – assuming you are using a proper cleaning cloth (some prefer microfiber, others lint-free disposable cloths – I have used both with similar results). It doesn’t leave streaks and it is not too thin (problem with cheap drugstore cleaners) or too soapy. And, for those that really want a price comparison as part of the review, I thought it was very well priced (three dollars including ship.) Carl Zeiss Optical Inc: 49 01 33 ammonia free, safe for multi-coated lenses
Carl Zeiss Optical Inc Lens Spray Cleaner (3-Ounce Bottle)

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Core Benefits of Data Entry Outsourcing Services

Posted by francesxcanora in September 27, 2010

Due to globalization of businesses and the world becoming a united marketplace, the need for effective data entry solutions have surfaced. Data is one of the most important parts of any company. Its appropriate management is very essential in order to keep the business running smoothly and effortlessly. In order to have reliable data handling, obtaining services from a data entry company helps.

In today’s market, data entry solutions for different types of businesses are available at very competitive prices. An increasing number of companies are turning to data entry outsourcing services. Hiring offshore companies for outsourcing addresses the challenge of obtaining better work quality from qualified professionals in a cost effective and timely manner.

The benefits of data entry outsourcing services include:

a) When an organization grows, it has to face many issues related to employees, their benefits, keeping pace with new technology, employees’ healthcare, having the latest business information, and so on. When a company outsources some of their responsibilities, many of these issues get resolved automatically. The same holds true for data entry service.

b) India is preferred by many companies for data entry outsourcing. Various back office functions are taken care of, and the benefits of quality processes, global delivery, and better infrastructure are enjoyed, thus enabling you to give attention to other core business issues.

g) Data entry solutions firms offer numerous services such as data processing, image scanning, data formatting, file conversion, data security, SGML/HTML coding, etc. These outsourcing companies can provide data in various formats including XML, MS Word, MS Excel, JPG, DBF, and HTML.

h) Better data management and a high quality of service can be expected with timely delivery from data outsourcing companies. They hire qualified and experienced professionals, and use the latest technology in order to get more clients and stay ahead of fellow competitors.

i) Data processing is used in businesses of all sizes and is very useful for them. It is more than just the implementation of data at the right place and time. They cover all important aspects of data handling and use them for your company’s profit.

j) Online data entry outsourcing services minimizes the capital cost of infrastructure and management problems. There is a greater level of employee’s job satisfaction due to a reduction of mundane and uninteresting data entry tasks. These companies make the best possible use of their international resources. You can expect high output at lower costs.

Data entry outsourcing can relieve lots of time-consuming and tedious responsibilities for a company. Outsourcing to India is the ultimate answer for the challenge of cutting costs and increasing profit margins.

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ICC GCHA444025-FBK 25′ Black Handset Cord

Posted by francesxcanora in September 24, 2010

ICC GCHA444025-FBK 25′ Black Handset Cord ICC: GCHA444025-FBK / 25′ BLACK Handset Cord – ICC Handset cord- 25′ length- Curly handset cord- Black
ICC GCHA444025-FBK 25′ Black Handset Cord

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Public Services Interpreting

Posted by francesxcanora in September 23, 2010

It is easy to believe that interpreting is merely a case of translating one language for another. However, this is a misnomer particularly where public services are concerned. Interpreting is probably one of the most crucial and sought after need in the public service industry. From Social Services to housing, benefits and court interpreting, the process requires considerable other skills to that of understanding a particular language.

The Social Services department, particularly in cases of child protection, require not only accurate translation during interpreting but sensitivity and, above all, confidentiality. Without those components the interpreting can be more of a casualty than a help. When for instance a child is to be received into the care of the local authority, a great deal of sensitivity is crucial on the part of the interpreter who is often the person to convey a very distressing message to a parent or relative. A good public service interpreter will also understand the importance of timing. The task of interpreting in the circumstances described above cannot be hurried. It is often necessary for a distressed person to take time out before commencing. Any interpreting undertaken for the Social Services in those circumstances should be preceded by an explanation to the client as to what he/she may expect and how it will be undertaken. The Social Services department should require a written undertaking of confidentiality and should further ensure that the interpreter is not known to the client in any capacity even living in the same vicinity.

Public service interpreting is also often used by the housing department particularly in multicultural areas where for many, English is not the first language, or where asylum seekers are concerned. This will also require a preliminary explanation to the client explaining the process that is to take place and also to explain the client’s rights and the limitations of any service required before the actual interview takes place.

Court interpreting also involves confidentiality and prior checks that the client is not known to the interpreter. It is sometimes the case that an interpreter is required urgently, particularly where someone who does not speak English has been arrested on a serious charge and is to be brought before Magistrates imminently. It is the task of the interpreter to explain to the client what is happening and what the charge is. The interpreter will be working with a solicitor who will explain everything to him/her. Most solicitors will become familiar with a translation service that provide good interpreters. A good Court translator will be experienced in working in the Courtroom and will have the appropriate public speaking skills. The interpreter will translate word for word which may well include swear words and abusive comments but interpreting means just that, interpreting exactly what is being said. The purpose of interpreting is to take the place of the person so that what is being translated is just as if the person was saying it themselves.

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JASCO JAS-TL96178 25 Foot Almond Handset Cord-911353

Posted by francesxcanora in September 22, 2010

JASCO JAS-TL96178 25 Foot Almond Handset Cord-911353 Jasco: 25′ Almond Handset Cord-911353
JASCO JAS-TL96178 25 Foot Almond Handset Cord-911353

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Celestron NexStar 5 SE Telescope

Posted by francesxcanora in September 21, 2010

Celestron NexStar 5 SE Telescope Just as ecpected – C. Cartwright – Keaau, Hawaii
I have nothing new to add to the reviews already online. The included software will not load on my computers, after making contact with Celestron I found a new release is in the works. The telescope optics are all I thought they would be. If I was intrested in deep sky I would have ordered a larger unit for the increased light gathering, but for planets and casual star gazing it is fine. My choice was between physical size and portability. I find this unit to fit my needs perfectly.
Since I was new to Astronomy I selected a scope that I thought would meet my early needs and not be too complicated. The 5 SE scope has been a great purchase for me. My only stumble was telling the NexStar computer I used EST time instead of the Standard time we use during the winter. I couldn’t align the scope which was frustrating. Once I figured out this bonehead move it’s worked flawlessly since. Its ruggedly made and gives you a since that this is a quality telescope. Looking back I would probably buy a slightly larger Celestron scope (perhaps a six or eight inch scope) as this would give me additional, future, options as I build my skill set. Nonetheless this is a quality instrument and I know I’ll spend more time outside with it once the weather warms a bit. The entire family has enjoyed including my three year old granddaughter…you should have seen her face once she saw the moon up close! Celestron: 11036 Boost your viewing experience with 56% more light gathering power in this high-quality telescope.Features:5″ Schmidt – Cassegrain telescope with 125mm aperture56% more light gathering power than 4″ models1250mm focal lengthFocal ratio: 10Ultra portable – weighs just 28 lbs. including the tripodAn ideal telescope for observing and photographing the wonders of spaceCombines the classic heritage of the original orange tube telescopes with the latest state-of-the-art featuresStarBright XLT high transmission coatings come standardProven NexStar computer control technologyIncludes:StarPointer finderscope to help with alignment and accurately locating objectsQuick release fork arm mount, optical tube and accessory tray for no-tool setupSturdy computerized altazimuth mountInternal battery compartment to prevent cord wrap during useUltra sturdy steel tripod features built-in wedge for astrophotographyCD-ROM “The Sky” Astronomy Software which provides education about the sky and printable sky mapsNearly 40,000 object database with 200 user-definable objects and expanded information on over 200 objectsSkyAlign allows you to align on any three bright celestial objects, making for a fast and easy alignment processFlash upgradeable hand control software and motor control units for downloading product updates over the InternetCamera control feature and shutter release cable that allows you to remotely take a series of exposures using your digital SLR cameraCustom database lists of all the most famous deep-sky objects by name and catalog number; the most beautiful double, triple and quadruple stars; variable star; solar systems; objects and asterismsDC Servo motors with encoders on both axesDouble line, 16-character Liquid Crystal Display Hand Control with backlit LED buttons for easy operation of GOTO featuresNexRemote telescope control software and RS-232 cable included for advanced control of your telescope via computerGPS-compatible with optional CN16 GPS Ac Celestron’s NexStar 5 SE computerized telescope combines excellent optics and easy computerized GoTo tracking in a convenient portable size. The standard equipment tripod and mount feature easy no-tool setup, and the package even includes a student version of “The Sky” planetarium software for your computer.

The excellent optics of Celestron’s classic C5 Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope have been updated with premium Starbright XLT optical coatings. This telescope consistently delivers crisp, high contrast views of the moon, the planets, and brighter deep space objects. The standard equipment 25mm plossl eyepiece produces a magnification of 50x, powerful enough to show the rings of Saturn, the cloud bands of Jupiter, and the changing face of the Lunar disk. Optional eyepieces can be added to bring out significantly more detail. I like to use a 12.5mm plossl (100x magnification) or a 7.5mm Ultrascopic eyepiece (166x) for high power views of the planets. With the 7.5mm Ultrascopic eyepiece I can usually see the Cassini Division in Saturn’s rings and cloud bands on the planet itself. I like to use a 32mm plossl eyepiece for great low power views of deep space highlights like the Orion Nebula or the Double Cluster in Perseus.

The NexStar 5 SE package also includes a sturdy adjustable tripod, a motorized alt-azimuth mount, and the NexStar hand held computer controller. You won’t need a GPS receiver or star charts to operate this telescope. The SkyAlign procedure is easy to use, and experienced observers will like the two-star align and solar-system align options because they are even quicker to set up. The steel tripod and alt-azimuth mount provide a solid base for the NexStar 5 SE. Vibration is not a problem, even while focusing at high power. The computerized tracking is also very good, easily keeping planets in the field of a high power eyepiece. The disadvantage of a computerized telescope, of course, is battery consumption. I like to use a rechargeable Celestron Power Tank because the standard AA alkaline batteries only last a few hours.

This telescope is perfect for visual observing, and allowed me to capture some sweet images of the moon and planets using a Celestron NexImage web-cam. For long exposure deep space photography, however, I’d take a look at Celestron’s Advanced Series equatorial telescopes such as the C6 N-GT –Jeff Phillips


  • Excellent optics
  • Light and portable
  • Computerized GoTo tracking


  • Short battery life
  • Too light for deep space photography

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Celestron NexStar 5 SE Telescope

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Oregon Scientific SE102 LS Heart Rate Monitor

Posted by francesxcanora in September 20, 2010

Oregon Scientific SE102 LS Heart Rate Monitor Not Great – E M Kay –
I’ve had the monitor for about a week and I regret getting it. I only just started endurance running so I didn’t bother buying one of those expensive HRM’s. But after buying the Oregon Scientific my suggestion is if your going to get a HRM, just go for a good one. The strap doesn’t pick up my heart rate easily and when it does the reading is either too high or too low to be accurate. I have to adjust the strap every time it loses the signal which is a real pain when I’m trying to run. Sometimes the readings jump around from high to low heart rate, so I know it’s wrong. Also, the watch is really uncomfortable – it presses against my wrist bone when. During a run I sometimes don’t even bother dealing with it and just end up using the timer. Every once in a while I get a good reading while I’m running but I’ll be lucky if it stays. However this is what I expected for the price.
This product is a really good deal. I paid .00 for it and it does more than most 0.00 HRM’s. There are a couple of things that the manual doesn’t tell you about that other people have complained about. Let me start with the HR alerts they will not alert you until you have started the stop watch part. Once you have done this it works great. Next the year and height part. This is set in a loop it will start at 1983 and 5 feet 7 inches. Keep hitting the plus button if you need a year or height below the starting number it will loop around so you can get to the one you want. The only thing I wish it did was saved you max HR for that workout. It will give you %, avg, and current. This is more than enough for .00. Also the vibration alert is the best thing ever you can feel it when running, road biking, and even mountain biking. So far I am happy with this and it should sever me well until I can get a Garmin Forerunner 405. Oregon Scientific: HSE1021110313001 SE102 is an entry-level heart rate watch with basic heart rate measurement and calories burned features. With a simple tap on the lens of this product, you can change the readouts to display relevant information.
Oregon Scientific SE102 LS Heart Rate Monitor

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What You Get From SEO Services

Posted by francesxcanora in September 18, 2010

SEO services have been proliferating in the World Wide Web and if you’re a small business, you might have no clue which SEO company you would hire for your SEO services. At this point, it is important to have a general idea of what kind of SEO services are best for your business. The truth is SEO services are an integral part in putting one’s business website in the first page search results pages (SERPs). The reason for this is that if a website is nowhere to be found in the first three pages of search engine results for a relevant keyword, that website is considered unprofitable.

Many go for the shortcut to get to the first page of the search engines and that is through Pay Per Click (PPC). It’s true that Pay Per Click or PPC campaigns can literally give you a boost of traffic but this is very complicated. If not done properly, it could burn the company budget because PPC is more expensive than getting SEO services from the best SEO companies. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is more of a longer-term campaign. It could look slow at first, but it will give one’s business more profit in the long run. For PPC on the other hand, once you stopped paying the search engines, your revenue will also stop.

What SEO Services are composed of:

Keyword Research

SEO services always start in keyword research. This is a process of identifying relevant and profitable keywords that people are typing in the search bars of the search engines. They do this to find information, product, and services online with the intent to buy or research The intent of the searcher is very important in keyword research because even if a business website is on the number one spot but the keyword choice has no commercial intent when used by the searcher, no conversions and sales will occur. So in keyword research, never forget to ask the commercial intent of the keywords chosen by a SEO services provider. Another factor is to know how many searches there has been in the past month for a certain keyword and also identifying the search trend of the keyword because there are some types of keywords that are seasonal.

Strategic Link building

Link building services are also part of the package included in SEO services. One cannot just go and start to build bulks of links because it could lead to banning a business website. There are certain strategies on how to build links properly to rank high in search engines and SEO services firms can study the business niche and develop a link building plan. Beware of companies that promise quick rankings because they usually do blackhat methods or unethical link building which could also lead to banning a business website. SEO service providers are keen in building quality backlinks to get a business website to page one of Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is one of the newest search engine optimisation services provided by top SEO firms and it rapidly gained popularity because it effectively increases brand awareness and convert sales aside from pulling massive traffic. Social media optimization or SMO is a kind of online marketing where one uses popular social media channels, social networking websites, social bookmarkings, blogs, and Audio hosting websites to create brand awareness, brand loyalty, viral buzz, and public relations to promote one’s product or services. Social media optimisation is the sister of search engine marketing (SEM), where an advertiser bids an amount to search engines in order to get massive exposure in social media channels like Facebook promotion banners and the like. These two SEO services can go together and is very effective, particularly in viral marketing. This method could create unbelievable online visibility and exposure overnight.

Website Design and Development

SEO services provide effective business websites. Website technology has evolved to a new level. Nowadays, static sites bore many visitors and those businesses with engaging websites tend to convert best. It’s easy to build a website these days because sophisticated website builders software are now available in the market but a good business website must be written very well, from the graphic designs to the programming context. A website must be easy to use for visitors and easy to crawl for search engines. SEO services providers give both.

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Are Reverse Cell Phone Lookup Services a Rip Off?

Posted by francesxcanora in September 18, 2010

The phone rings. You see your caller ID. Fear and uncertainty sinks in. Ever felt that unsafe or scared when an unidentified number shows up? How about receiving a harassing – perhaps threatening – phone call, yet you are left there unable to do anything about it?

This can be a frightening situation, but there are now solutions to this dilemma: namely, reverse cell phone lookups. But the questions remain:

· Are these reverse cell phone directory services a rip off?

· Are they safe?

· What information is provided?

· Will they sell my information to other data brokers?

· How much does it cost?

Are They a Rip Off?

Are cell phone reverse lookups a rip off? Not at all, provided that you are going through a reputable service broker, such as Phone Detective. Phone Detective is the world’s largest, most popular, and most trusted directory in the world. It is perfect for doing quick, easy lookups. Now, there are other brokers out there, and yes, some of them are rather unscrupulous, but you won’t have to worry about anything with Phone Detective.

Are They Safe?

Yes. All online orders are secured via 128 bit SSL encryption, and are processed instantly via a credit card. Also, services like Phone Detective will not sell your information to any third party. This is an important trust feature that you should keep in mind no matter which broker you decide to go through.

What Info Is Provided?

When doing a reverse cell phone lookup, the information provided will be exactly what you need:

· The owner of the cellular phone

· The owner’s physical billing address

· The owner’s location information

· The cellular phone carrier (great for reporting harassing calls!)

Do They Keep My Information Private?

Again, this depends on the broker. Many lookup directories make the bulk of their money not from the lookups themselves, but selling your information to interested third parties, like telemarketing companies, bill collection agencies, and so on. Thankfully, services like Phone Detective do not do this!

How Much Does It Cost?

Great question! The average market value price for a single lookup report on a cell phone is $15. You can also choose to purchase an unlimited search subscription on an annual basis for $40 per year. The latter subscription being the best deal of the two, as you are more than likely going to conduct more than one lookup search within the span of a year.

Another cool service provided by certain brokers is data removal. For a small fee around $5, they will remove YOUR information from their databases, which will prevent anyone from doing a reverse phone lookup on you.

How cool is that? I wholeheartedly recommend these services, as they provide peace of mind, and in today’s world for a small fee, and in today’s world, that’s an invaluable commodity.

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